Body Treatments

Inch Loss Body Contour Wrapping £35.00 

Our slimming body contour wraps provide a relaxing way to lose a few inches. The contour gel contains a superior blend of ingredients chosen for there ability to assist with inch loss, reducing cellulite and improving lymphatic drainage. Held in a base of aloe vera gel are zedoary, cinnamon and ginger oil which have anti-cellulite properties and stimulate dermal activity.
Once the gel and bandages have been applied just lay back and relax for an hour. Your skin will instantly feel smoother and softer after the treatment, and there is no need to shower.

Help to achieve inch loss, cellulite reduction and improves appearance of skin tone.

Using a unique blend of essential oils and the traditional method of bandage compression, the treatment removes toxins from the fatty tissue and creates a loss of inches around the body contours.

The results could mean that you drop a dress size!!

If the surface of the skin is bumpy and uneven from cellulite, the contour wrap will smooth out the skins surface and dramatically improve its appearance. This can be a great confidence booster for you to show your legs off in the summer.


Full Body Nourishing Mask £25.00

We first exfoliate your body in preparation for the mud mask. Then warm mud will be applied to your entire body!

The mud wrap is extremely beneficial for dry skin, stimulates circulation and soothes muscles and joints. This is a very therapeutic treatment. The warm mud supplies your skin with vital nutrients and minerals, tightens pores and rids the body of toxins.

Next you are wrapped in a thermal wrap. This keeps the warmth in while your therapist gives you a scalp massage to increase circulation and draw nutrients to your scalp.


Spray Tanning

We use:

Tantruth which is a professional tanning range that offers exceptional quality throughout its step-by-step tanning routine. Tantruth contains the latest innovations in tanning technology. With satin silk extracts, duo self-tanning agents and a light fresh fragrance to leave the skin pleasantly scented, you will have a luxuriously deep tan, giving you that bronzed sunkissed look all year round. Containing several extracts that are beneficial for the skin, you have all the benefits of a skincare product in your fake tan. 

  • Light fresh luxurious fragrance
  • Even streakfree results
  • Latest innovations in self tanning technology
  • Satin Silk extract leaves skin smooth & glossy

1/2 Body Spray Tan £10.00

Full Body Spray Tan £15.00


Ear Piercing

We use a Ear piercing instrument which is pulled back is designed to penetrate the earlobe when the mechanism is released. We use Pre-sterilized studs.  

A choice of the following:

surgical steel, 24 kt. gold plated steel, 14 kt. gold, or titanium

1 Ear £8.00

(both ears) £15.00



Special Occasion Make-up Application £10.00

Birthdays, Christmas Parties, Wedding Guests

If you have a special occasion and want to look your best, why not treat yourself and have your make-up applied by a professional.

I will come to your home or chosen venue and create a great look for your special occasion while you sit back and relax. If only getting ready could always be this easy!


Bridal Trial Make-up £15.00

With your initial practice run-through, you will have plenty of time to decide on the colours and techniques that you want on the day. I can teach you how to apply the wedding make-up yourself, or you have the option of asking for me to do your make-up for you and any other members of the bridal party on the day.

Bridal Make-up £30.00

If you want to feel like a million dollars on your big day then i'm here to help by creating a natural, radiant look.
Trial make-up is required prior to the big day, to ensure you are happy with colours and application.


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