Eyebrow Re-shaping - £6.00

A correctly shaped eyebrow will define and enhance features and give a larger space to apply make-up. It is important that the eyebrows are shaped appropriately to make the most of the features and to frame the face. The methods of removel for unwanted hair on the brow region would be; Warm Wax & Tweezers, this will depend on the amount of hair growth present. It is important to have your eyebrows shaped appropriately, which will then frame your face.

Eyelash & Brow Tinting - (£6.00 Lashes & £5.00 Brows)

Eyelashes and eyebrows can be defined further by permanently tinting the hairs. Many clients will benefit from this treatment, even clients with dark hairs, as sometimes the base and the tips of the hairs ar fairer and by tinting them darker gives the illusion of extra thickness and length. An eyebrow or eyelash tinting does not fade; it grows out has the hairs grow. This treatment uses specially designed tint for use on lashes and brows. This is a popular treatment as it can replace the daily use of mascara and brow pencil.

Eyelash Extensions - £9.00 including application

Designed for a single nights wear, we offer a variety of styles to choose from. These lashes are not permanent; and will be removed along with make-up.

Eyelash Perm - £10.00

Designed to give the lashes a natural curl, making them look fuller, and will also define the eyes. Ideal for those who have short lashes making them appear longer and opening up the eye area.


*** Patch Test Required 24-48 Hours prior to Treatment ***

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