Waxing is designed to remove hair at root level, working against the direction of the hair growth. They come in different formulations, each of which has their own specific benefits. Waxing treatments are very effective at removing large areas of hair growth and are suitable for using on most areas of the body. Clients will be hair free for approximately 2-4 weeks and will be ready for removel again in 6 weeks time once the hairs have re-grown to the required length. We currently use warm wax for treatments has they is little risk of skin burning and therefore can be applied to more sensitive areas such as, bikini. Its is applied once in a thin layer to area required; it remains soft at the body temperature and is removed by applying a paper or muslin strips over the top.



  • £9.00 Half Leg
  • £14.00 Full Leg
  • £5.00 Bikini
  • £6.00 Underarm
  • £5.00 Eyebrow
  • £3.50 Lip
  • £5.00 Chin
  • £8.00 Face
  • £3.00 Toes
  • £10.00 Full Arm
  • £4.00 Navel



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